The Global Summit On Sustainable Economic Development is envisaged to be an international forum for the comprehensive evaluation of current trends and thinking on Transformational Leadership, Economic Emancipation, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Women Inclusion in The Development Agenda. This year's edition of the Summit has at its theme: "EMPOWERING WOMEN FOR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT." The theme is quite instructive in being a basic fall-out of the conclusions of the proceedings at this year's Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.

GLOSSED 2017  will focus on the socio-economic, political and intellectual development of women in the new millennium. It is conceptualized to provide a neutral pedestal for a global collaboration of governments, organizations and businesses for the continued well-being, social emancipation and economic empowerment of women worldwide, utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a veritable guideline.

In essence  The Global Summit On Sustainable Economic Development (GLOSSED 2017) is conceived to be a nexus at which all relevant stakeholders for the promotion, and the concerted effort towards the achievement of economic empowerment for women, would converge to re-examine progress achieved so far, and to proffer workable strategies for consolidating on the gains attained.
To that salutary end, the Summit draws immediate inspiration from The Agreed Conclusions at the 61st Session of the Commission on The Status of Women (CSW 61) of 2017 which acknowledge that success in achieving women’s economic empowerment is at the heart of succeeding in the attainment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. In a nutshell, these high points of the Conclusions of CSW 61 form the pedestal on which GLOSSED 2017 seeks validation for its maiden proceedings.