Our Plea / Call to Action

I am secure in the belief that you will all concede that the success of the mission of My Daughter  our Daughter (MDYD) lies in the hands of quality and dynamic participants, volunteers, and philanthropists who will collectively strive for the achievement of our joint objectives to liberate our daughters from the shackles of organized oppression and victimization.

In the light of this fact, I respectfully call on all parents, foster parents, guardians, community leaders, politicians, educators, religious leaders, ngo's, professionals, friends and well-wishers to be a part of this noble initiative. The core values of MDYD are entrenched in diversity, acceptance and mutual respect. These values also acknowledge the lucid understanding that we are all unique, and created equally in the image of God, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical ability, religious conviction and political ideology.

It is for these reasons that I sincerely thank those who honored the invitation to attend the Inauguration ceremony of MDYD of February 2, 2017, thereby identifying with a movement whose time is undeniably imminent. For those who are still to identify with this laudable initiative, the challenge is simply to think of My Daughter Your Daughter as the way forward for a better future for our daughters, the emancipation of our future leaders, and the sustainability of the human integrity of our planet.