Adunni & Nefretiti is a multiple award winning all female singing group established in 2006. We are a group of All Female Stage, Studio and Live Performing Singers based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are young talented artiste with great flare for raw and undiluted African music, we have performed on big and small stages in Africa, Europe and America which include: Stadiums, School Auditorium, Arena, Banquet Hall, National and Community Parks, Festival Floats, Public Stage, Malls, City Halls, Family Parties, and many more.
Our concept is to encourage and promote the development of talents in the women folk in the genre of music itself. We are QUEENS with depth in the acculturation of culture and tradition, beautiful inward and outward, projecting Africa in its totality through music. We take pride in praise, worship and circular music to foster hope, love, peace, and harmony as we are also very passionate about women empowerment and girl child education. We are very grateful to partner with “My Daughter Your Daughter, Inc. (MDYD. Org)” for the betterment of our women, community and the world at large. Since the inception of the group, it has produced several song compositions and on sale are copies of our album titled ‘AYERAYE’ meaning ETERNITY. Our latest single titled ‘MO MEKO’ meaning MORALE.

*To encourage and promote the development of talents in the women folk in the genre of music and several other workshops itself irrespective of language.
*To imbibe in our youth and women generally a communal culture.
*To infuse in the homes the act of appreciating African music, language, oral poetry in its milieu.

*Reinforces our society with culture and tradition musically.
*Fans, clients, audience, and society will be made to propagate the usage of African heritage in their different locality.
*To create renaissance in a wide range of African Music in general.
*To elevate the importance of our music in its milieu.
*To present the genre of African music as a better alternative.

*To project African Music as the best around.
*To present a workshop on varieties of African Tradition.